Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar Proceedings, The 1st International Conference on Science and Islamic Studies (ICOSIS-2023)

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The meaning of “Maduppa” cultural tradition and its application as local values of the bugis tribe in Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi
Andi Karmila, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid

Last modified: 2023-07-25


In a society, there are differences in character with other communities regarding cultural values that are upheld as a guide in guiding individual behavior in various daily activities. People with traditions in culture will carry out their activities following the traditions passed down. Related to this, researchers analyzed the meaning of tradition and the application of madduppa culture as local wisdom values of the Bugis tribe in Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi Province. This study uses qualitative research methods with an ethnographic communication approach. Qualitative research aims to explain a phenomenon in depth through data collection. This method prioritizes phenomena and examines more into the substance of the meaning of these phenomena. The principles of the ethnographic research method, namely a detailed research approach that describes an activity, are the primary strengths that provide a complete picture of events at the location. In Bugis society, madduppa means to invite and is a form of respect and appreciation (pangngadekkang/mappakaraja). Inviting in question is to go directly to the house of the person who will be invited. Madduppa culture is a tradition that the Bugis people have carried out, is a hereditary tradition from the ancestors of the Bugis tribe, and still exists today. However, it has experienced several shifts in meaning. Madduppa should be performed with specific procedures and conditions as a form of communication, as stated by Dillistone, with traditional symbols that speak of the depths of human life, both verbal and nonverbal. To the public to continue communicating and implementing madduppa culture in social life in this digitalization era, amidst the onslaught of modern technology and popular culture, to explore and re-educate knowledge about the madduppa tradition.


Meaning of Tradition, Application, Bugis Custom, Madduppa

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