Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar Proceedings, The 1st International Conference on Science and Islamic Studies (ICOSIS-2023)

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Comparison of teaching planning in learning activities
Nurmi Nurmi

Last modified: 2023-09-19


This study discusses the crucial role of effective teaching and learning processes in nurturing high-quality human resources and fostering the development of well-rounded individuals. It emphasizes the need to cultivate various aspects in students, including cognitive, language, religious, moral, and social dimensions, along with values such as tolerance and empathy. This study utilizes qualitative research to comprehend an ongoing phenomenon observed by researchers. The findings revealed that the implementation of the 2013 curriculum in Indonesia encourages teachers to focus on five key learning experiences: observing, imitating, collecting information, relating, and communicating. Teachers are expected to serve as facilitators, offering feedback and structuring learning activities in line with curriculum guidelines. On the other hand, the curriculum development process (KTSP) emphasizes the need to consider student potential, interests, and talents during curriculum planning. Flexibility and relevance in curriculum development are essential to accommodate the diverse backgrounds of students.


Teaching; learning; student planning; curriculum

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