Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar Proceedings, The 1st International Conference on Science and Islamic Studies (ICOSIS-2023)

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A comparative study of economic development between Brunei Darussalam and Kazakhstan
Saiful Arifin, Farahdilla Mutiara Khansa, Muh Ariskah, Miftahul Hair

Last modified: 2023-09-15


This study aims to compare the two countries of Brunei Darussalam and Kazakhstan in the context of economic development, government policies, key economic sectors, and challenges faced. Despite differences in population, geography, and natural resources, both countries have made significant strides. Brunei's prosperity relies on oil and gas, while Kazakhstan diversifies its economy. However, both countries have made significant progress in their economic development efforts. The research employs qualitative analysis and explores factors such as social, political, and economic aspects shaping government policies. The results highlight the unique challenges and opportunities each nation faces, providing valuable insights for countries pursuing prosperity in a global context.


Comparison; economy; Brunei Darussalam; Kazakhstan

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