Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar Proceedings, The 1st International Conference on Science and Islamic Studies (ICOSIS-2023)

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Students’ religious moderation at the Islamic Institute of As'adiyah Sengkang
Mansur Mansur, Bahaking Rama, Yuspiani Yuspiani, A. Aderus

Last modified: 2023-08-30


This article explains the students’ Religious Moderation at the Islamic Institute of As'adiyah Sengkang. The research objective was to analyze the religious moderation of students at the Islamic Institute of As'adiyah Sengkang, Wajo Regency. This study is qualitative research with a scientific and methodological approach. The research data were sourced from primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from informants through interviews, or the researchers made observations. In comparison, secondary data were through document study. The collection was through interviews, observation, and documentation study. The data were processed and analyzed by data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion by testing the validity of the data through credibility, defendability, confirmability, and transferability. The results showed that the students’ religious moderation at the Islamic Institute of As'adiyah Sengkang, Wajo Regency, based on indicators of national commitment, tolerance, anti-violence, and accommodation towards local culture, was not wholly moderate in religion. Therefore, the research implies the need for the rector of the Islamic Institut of As'adiyah Sengkang to form a house of religious moderation and formulate policies to strengthen religious moderation.


Religious moderation; national commitment; tolerance; anti-violence, accommodative towards local culture

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