UIN Alauddin's Proceedings, International Seminar Da'wah and Communication 2022

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Azyumardi Azra

Last modified: 2022-08-29


The third figure of Islamic reform in the archipelago, Muhammad Yusuf al-Maqassari, brought this discussion to a fairly wide area, starting from Sulawesi and then to West Java to Arabia, Sri Lanka and South Africa. To better understand al-Maqassari's role in the development of Islam in these places, we must also deal with the religious and intellectual life of Muslims in their respective regions. There are a number of studies devoted to al-Maqassari, both in Indonesia and South Africa. But most of them focused solely on his career in the Archipelago or while he was in exile in South Africa; very little attention has been paid to its scientific ties to international 'ulamd' networks. It fails not only to trace the origins of al-Maqassari's teachings but also to recognize his role as one of the early transmitters of Islamic reformism to the region where he lived.


Islamic Figure; Reformism; South Africa; Syekh Yusuf al-Makassari


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