Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar Proceedings, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Social and Islamic Studies (ICSIS) 2023

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Abi Quraish Shihab and Islam wasathiyah in the digital age: student’s voice
Ida Fitri Anggarini, Al-laily Azzahroh, Hilda Alisya Rahmadhani, Arsya Nabila Safitri, Aulia Prativa Putri, Ayu Sulistyowati

Last modified: 2023-08-02


Islam wasathiyah is well-known as religious moderation, which has several values such as nationality commitment, against violence, tolerance, and adaptation to local culture. There are eleven values of religious moderation such as Tawassuth (moderate), I’tidal (justice), Tasamuh (tolerance), Tawazun (balance), Syura (discussed), Islah (peace), Muwathonah (nationalism), Qudwah (figure), Tahaddur (behavior), Tathowur wa Ibtikar (active, dynamic, creative and innovative). This study aimed to discover Abi Quraish Shihab's role in spreading Islam Wasathiyah's values to netizens on his Instagram account.  This qualitative study used a survey to collect primary data from eight students who were Instagrammer and Abi Quraish Shihab’s, followers.  The secondary data was collected from Abi Quraish Shihab’s Instagram account and analyzed by Robert K Yin’s theories. The study revealed the role of Abi Quraish Shihab in spreading the values of Islam Wasathiyah as stated as follows: 1) AQS has an Instagram account @psqonline. PSQ stands for Pusat Studi Al Qur’an or The Center of Al Qur’an Studi, which aims to spread the values of Al Qur’an among the plural citizens. This account asks all netizens to join any webinar that discusses Islam Wasathiyah, Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin, and Religious Moderation. The students need this activity to improve their Islamic values, insight, and behavior. 2) Bayt Al Qur’an; @bayt.alquran. 3) IslamEdu PSQ or @islamedupsq is an Instagram account for students to learn fun and relevant religion. They were guided by the tutor and registered by WhatsApp. The findings indicated that AQS’s program was fun to learn Al Qur’an or recite Al Qur’an. This program has the curriculum, certified teachers, and an e-learning kit.


Religious moderation; Islam wasathiyah; Quraish Shihab; digital age

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