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An Overview of Nurse's Anxiety Levels During Pandemic at Hospital PDF (19-26)
Syisnawati Syisnawati, Risnah Risnah, Marwani Marwani
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in Construction of Clinical Development X HACCP (Analisis Bahaya Titik Kontrol Kritis) in Clinic X Construction PDF (87-94)
Hervina Hervina, Harnila Hadin, Rosmilasari Rosmilasari, Fatmawaty Mallapiang, Lilis Widiastuty
The Attainment of Effective Communication On Medical Students’ Empathy PDF (114-126)
Rosdianah Rosdianah, Darmawansyih Darmawansyih, Sitti Hadijah
A Narrative Inquiry Study on Parents about Children with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder After Disaster
Etik Rositasari, Arum Pratiwi
Anti inflammatory activities against LPS-induced J774.1 Cell and Total Flavanoid content of Vitex coffasus
Faradiba Abdul Raysid, Tifania Tifania, Abd. Malik
Antioxidant Activity of Extract and Fraction of Teak Leave Using Dpph and Frap Methods and Determination of Total Phenolic and Flavonoids Content
Nuralifah Nuralifah, Yamin Yamin, Parawansah Parawansah, Sarlita Rahmalia, Nurul Hikmah
The Mean Adequacy Ratio and Balanced Nutrition Index (IGS) In Adolescents Living in The Post-Disaster Suburban Area
Nikmah Utami Dewi, Ali Khomsan, Cesilia Meti Dwiriani, Hadi Riyadi, Ikeu Ekayanti, Diah Ayu Hartini, Ummu Aiman
Do Age and Cathecol-O-Methyl-Transferase (COMT) correlate with the ability to memorize the Qur'an?
Rosdianah Rahim, Suryani As'ad, Veni Hadju, Saidah Syamsuddin, Muhammad Hatta, Nadyah Haruna, Syatirah Jalaludin, Yessy Kurniati
Pattern of Care Seeking Behavior for Pregnant and Giving Mothers During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Gowa District
Rosdianah Rosdianah
Patients’ Perceptions on The Nurses Driven Patient Safety Implementation: an Analysis
Syamsiah Rauf, Nur Hidayah, Nurul Khusnul Khotimah, A. Adriana Amal, Irma Irma
Spiritual Attitude and Spiritual Competence of Nursing Students: an Analysis
A. Adriana Amal, Syamsiah Rauf, Nur Hidayah, Darti Darti
Development of Self Emulsifying Formulations of Poorly Soluble Ibuprofen for Enhanced Dissolution Rate
Nurul Muhlisah M, Nurul Ihsaniati, Latifah Rahman
Physicochemical of Trigona Honey with Propolis from Bone District, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Asriani Asriani, Haerani Rasyid, Agussalim Bukhari, Firdaus Hamid
Antibacterial and Antioxidant Performance of Tea Tree Oil and Soursop Leaves Extract Combination in Emulsion Gel Preparation
Dyah Rahmasari, Hendrea Mulya, Muhammad Abi Alwan, Ghisella Utamy Devy, Arrizky Nadya Meigawati, Uswatun Chasanah
Analysis of WHO Universal Precautions 2020 in preventing COVID 19 in Rural-Urban Communities in South Sulawesi
Eka Hadrayani, Aidah Fitriani, Eva Yustilawati, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Nurhidayah Nurhidayah, Musdalifah Musdalifah, A. Adriana Amal, Syamsiah Rauf
The Effect of The Combination of Semi-Fowler Position with Murottal Al-Qur’an on Pain Level Hypertensive Patients
Maria Ulfah Anshar, Nurul Khusnul Khotimah, Huriati Bahuddin, Wahdaniah Karim, Ainun Maghfirah Ramadani
Factors Relating to Nurse's Competence in Primary Survey in Maternity Emergency
Eva Yustilawati, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Ilhamsyah Ilhamsyah, Nabila Rani
The Effect of Stretching Exercises on Breastfeeding Mothers to Avoid Functional Disorders
Mufdlilah Mufdlilah, Veni Fatmawati, Dian Retnaningdiah
Adolescent’s Activity Level and Eating Behaviour During Pandemic COVID-19: A Cross Sectional Study
Darmawansyih Darmawansyih, Andi Faradilah, Andi Sitti Rahma
The Effect of A High Fat High Sugar Diet On Histological Appearance in the Liver of Wistart Rats During Infancy Period
Mohammad Ikbal G., Jelita Inayah S., Rosdianah R
Acceptance and commitment therapy Islamic approach improve the psychological flexibility of patients with mental disorders
Rasmawati Rasmawati, Fauziah Nur, Sri Nurjannah
The Relationship Between Murattal Therapy Intervention Time and Change in Blood Pressure in Patients with Decreased Consciousness
Risnah Risnah, Mudalifah Musdalifah, Muhmmad Irwan
Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Spiritual Religious Coping to Stress in Housewives with Hypertension South Sulawesi
Nurul Khusnul Khotimah, Rasdiyanah Rasdiyanah
Evaluation of Additional Feeding Program (AFP) for Pregnant Women in Preventing Stunting at Pattalassang Public Health in Covid-19
Yusma Indah Jayadi, Titah Nurul Lathifah Tahar, Roza Qoni Hadza, Dian Yuliawati Darwis, Muh. Ridwan, Shara Akviani
Evaluation of the Mental Health Program in the Samata Community Health Center
Andi Syamsiah Adha, Yusma Indah Jayadi, Andi Assyifa Mappadeceng Okarniatif, Futri Alifia Rezkiyanti, Zulfa Husain
Antituberculosis Activity Test of Parang Romang (Boehmeria virgata (Forst.) Guill) Root Extract
M. Rusdi