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Intervention of Red Onion Compress Therapy in Typhoid Fever Patients with Hyperthermic Problems PDF (15-18)
Huriati Huriati, Arbianingsih Arbianingsih, Mulyana Anwar, Eka Hadrayani, Muthahharah Muthahharah
An Overview of Nurse's Anxiety Levels During Pandemic at Hospital PDF (19-26)
Syisnawati Syisnawati, Risnah Risnah, Marwani Marwani
Description of Hazards on the Development of the X Makassar Clinical Laboratory PDF (42-58)
Siti Nurkhaliza, Deah Yulistianingsih, Sabikah Salsabila Arfan, Fatmawaty Mallapiang, Lilis Widiastuty
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in Construction of Clinical Development X HACCP (Analisis Bahaya Titik Kontrol Kritis) in Clinic X Construction PDF (87-94)
Hervina Hervina, Harnila Hadin, Rosmilasari Rosmilasari, Fatmawaty Mallapiang, Lilis Widiastuty
Coprocessed Lactose-Sorbitol as a Filler Excipient in Formulation of Tablet Teophylline by Direct Compression PDF (151-160)
A. Mumtihanah Mursyid, Nurlina Nurlina, Khusnul Khatimah Ulfa, Ida Erlita, Fariani Fariani
The Suitability of The Precription of Non-Sterile Concoctions For Children at XXX Mother and Child Hospital Makassar : Compatibilty and Stability Study PDF (178-186)
Vina Purnamasari M., Mirawati Mirawati, Aztriana Aztriana, Santy Tri Wahyuni
Antiplasmodial Activities Test From Non-Chloroform Fraction and its sub-Fractions from Hyrtios reticulatus Sponge Extract
Mahfur Mahful, Subagus Wahyuono, Indah Purwantini, Erna Prawita Setyowati
Analysis of Chemical Compound, Antioxidant Activity, Conventional and Molecular Characterization of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Muntingia calabura L. Blossoms
St. Maryam, Zainal Abidin, Fitriana Fitriana, Andi Trihadi Kusuma, Masdiana Tahir, Venti Sulfianur H., Gina Feby S., Nor Faizah
Anti inflammatory activities against LPS-induced J774.1 Cell and Total Flavanoid content of Vitex coffasus
Faradiba Abdul Raysid, Tifania Tifania, Abd. Malik
SPF Value of Sunscreen Emulgel Preparation Containing Ethanol Extract Of Lime Fruit (Citrus Aurantifolia) With Variations in HPMC Concentration
Mirawati Mirawati, Iskandar Zulkarnain, Andi Rofifah Azizah
Development of Self Emulsifying Formulations of Poorly Soluble Ibuprofen for Enhanced Dissolution Rate
Nurul Muhlisah M, Nurul Ihsaniati, Latifah Rahman
Antibacterial and Antioxidant Performance of Tea Tree Oil and Soursop Leaves Extract Combination in Emulsion Gel Preparation
Dyah Rahmasari, Hendrea Mulya, Muhammad Abi Alwan, Ghisella Utamy Devy, Arrizky Nadya Meigawati, Uswatun Chasanah
Analysis of WHO Universal Precautions 2020 in preventing COVID 19 in Rural-Urban Communities in South Sulawesi
Eka Hadrayani, Aidah Fitriani, Eva Yustilawati, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Nurhidayah Nurhidayah, Musdalifah Musdalifah, A. Adriana Amal, Syamsiah Rauf
Believe in Work Safety During Sea and Medicine Search (Case Study of Patorani)
Fatmawaty Mallapiang, Shavira Tenriwaru, Nurdiyanah Nurdiyanah, Nildawati Nildawati, Azriful Azriful
The Effect of Stretching Exercises on Breastfeeding Mothers to Avoid Functional Disorders
Mufdlilah Mufdlilah, Veni Fatmawati, Dian Retnaningdiah
Depo Provera Injectable Family PlanningAcceptors at Pasitallu Public Health Center Selayar Island 2021 Amenorrhoea Risk Factors
Sitti Saleha, Marawani Marawani
Stress Level Analysis of Students in State University During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Yudi Adnan, Nildawati Nildawati, Famawati Mallapiang, Syarfaini Syarfaini, Anita Mariani, Tuti Alawiah, A. Irna Nurul Fuady Imran, Indah Cahyani Haris
The Determinants Overview of Survival for Breast Cancer Patients At X Hospital In 2018-2020
Azriful Azriful, Famawaty Mallapiang, Rini Jusriani, Nildawati Nildawati
Phytochemical identification and DPPH free radical scavenging activity of ethyl acetate and n-hexane soluble fractions of Zingiber zerumbet (L). Roscoe ex Sm. Rhizome
Haeria Doloking, Mukhriani Mukhriani, Rima Amalia, Andri Anugrah Pratama
The Relationship Between Murattal Therapy Intervention Time and Change in Blood Pressure in Patients with Decreased Consciousness
Risnah Risnah, Mudalifah Musdalifah, Muhmmad Irwan