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The Factors Influencing Mothers’ Behaviour on Their Antenatal Care Visits in The Health Center of Bulurokeng In 2020 PDF (127-135)
Najdwah Emilia, Purnamaniswaty Yunus, Azizah Nurdin, Arlina Wiyata Gama, Siti Aisyah Kara
Prenatal Gentle Yoga with Dhikr on Sleep Quality Among Pregnant women in Rural and Urban Areas
Nurhidayah Nurhidayah, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Hasnah Hasnah
Analysis of WHO Universal Precautions 2020 in preventing COVID 19 in Rural-Urban Communities in South Sulawesi
Eka Hadrayani, Aidah Fitriani, Eva Yustilawati, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Nurhidayah Nurhidayah, Musdalifah Musdalifah, A. Adriana Amal, Syamsiah Rauf
Nursing Intervention Module In Pre-Eclampsia Prevention In Pregnant Women
Hasnah Hasnah, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Nurhidayah Nurhidayah
Factors Relating to Nurse's Competence in Primary Survey in Maternity Emergency
Eva Yustilawati, Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Ilhamsyah Ilhamsyah, Nabila Rani
Measuring health literacy about Vaccinination Covid-19 in community of South Sulawesi, Indonesia: survey using the HLQ Questionnaire
Nurul Fadhilah Gani, Eva Yustilawati, Aidah Fitriani, Eka Hadrayani
Nursing Interventions Based On 5 Finger And Murottal Hypnosis To Prevent Preeclampsia Pregnant In Indonesia
Hasnah Hasnah, Ilhamsyah Ilhamsyah, Darti D., Wahdaniah Wahdaniah, Nurul Fadhilah Gani