Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar Proceedings, Proceedings of the 1st Alauddin Health and Medical International Conference

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Evaluation of Additional Feeding Program (AFP) for Pregnant Women in Preventing Stunting at Pattalassang Public Health in Covid-19
Yusma Indah Jayadi, Titah Nurul Lathifah Tahar, Roza Qoni Hadza, Dian Yuliawati Darwis, Muh. Ridwan, Shara Akviani

Last modified: 2022-10-01


Chronic Energy Deficiency (CDE) in pregnant women causes a pregnant woman to have abortion, bleeding, infection, low birth weight, and indirect natural causes. Therefore, the Additional Feeding Program (AFP) is expected to be one of the solutions to this problem. An evaluation study related to the AFP was held for pregnant women. This study aims to evaluate the empowerment program related to AFP for pregnant women at risk of CDE at the Patalassang Health Center, Gowa. This research was held at the 7th -11th of March in 2022. The subjects are the nutritions, village midwives and posyandu cadres. In this research, the data instrument used interview guide, observation, questionnaire form and documentation. The data analysis was carried out by means of a written transcription of the results from the interviews obtained, grouped according to their respective fields and interpreting the data in a narrative and manner then comparing them with the Ministry of Health standards and the others. The implementation of the AFP in general done well. In the input, it was found that the implementation of the AFP at the Pattalassang Health Center was still constrained by the quality and quantity of the nutritions. The availability of facilities, funds and materials in general are adequate. Regarding process indicators, its good implementation, the distribution of AFP for pregnant women has been considered. As for the output, the evaluation of the monitoring process still needs to be improved. Based on the results of the evaluation, it is still necessary to improve efforts to fulfill the quality and quantity of human resources as well as in the implementation of recording and reporting.